Monday, August 15, 2005

Abu Houli junction

Abu Houli junction has been closed.

It is expected that it will open in the morning.

Palestinian Reporting

First Day Of Disengagement Quiet Inside Gaza

The first day of the disengagement process has passed without any major incident. In the Strip the feeling is calm but tense.

The PA National Security Force deployed into positions around the settlements without incident.

The Media reporting indicates that the issuing of eviction notices to the settlers by the IDF inside the settlements has passed quietly.

Abu Houli Junction

Abu Houli Junction re-opened in both directions at 3.40 pm

Palestinian Reporting

Abu Houli Junction

Abu Houli junction has been closed since 12.15 today with no indication if it will reopen later.

The IDF is indicating that Abu Houli junction will be closed daily from Wednesday, 17 August between 5.00 am and 9.00 pm. This closure may last for up to 1.5 months, although the IDF hopes to allow movement to coincide with the Shabat weekend.

IDF Information

Journalist Abducted in Gaza City

Palestinian Security Forces reported that an international journalist was abducted in front of his hotel in the Rimal district shortly before midnight on Sunday. His whereabouts still remain unknown according to Palestinian security sources.

Palestinian Reporting

Movement Restrictions

Three checkpoints have been established this morning between Ashqelon and Erez leading to delays and congestion. Average movement time is now 90 minutes between the two points.

Erez crossing has remained closed today for workers and merchants however, 135 factory owners have been allowed to enter Erez industrial estate. Patients and "humanitarian" cases are being allowed to cross into Israel with coordination from the Israeli DCL.

Palestinian Reporting

Communique Issued by Military Wings of Fatah

The military wings of Fatah in Khan Yunis (Abu Al Rish Bdes, Al Aqsa Martyrs Bdes and Popular resistance Bdes) issued a communique which was very derogatory about the PA. It stated that no PA ministers should move to Khan Yunis to celebrate the disengagement of Israel from Gaza.

The statement was very inflammatory and indicates clearly that there may be serious security incidents if/when PA officials travel to Khan Yunis.

Qissufim Closure

The Disengagement Law was implemented at midnight on Sunday with the closure of the crossing at Qissufim road. No Israeli citizens are now permitted to enter the Gaza settlement areas. Prayers were called at midnight in mosques throughout the Gaza Strip to coincide with the closure.

Palestinian Reporting