Saturday, August 20, 2005

IDF Plan For Next Week

Sunday 21 Aug, the IDF plan to evacuate the southern settlements of Atzmona, Slav and Katif where there are believed to be about 1,000 settlers and anti-disengagement activists remaining. At the same time the northern settlements of Dugit (already empty), Elei Sina and Nisanit will be evacuated.

Monday 22 Aug, Netzarim settlement will be evacuated. The settlers have no agreement about moving out but have stated that they will not cause confrontations with the IDF.

The IDF then have to continue to pack the belongings of those settlers removed by force. The houses will subsequently be demolished.

Media and IDF reporting

HMR targeted Erez

At 15.15 pm. One home rocket (HMR) was fired from Beit Hanoun targeting Erez.

Palestinian Reporting

The IDF report that Erez Checkpoint remains open.

IDF reporting

Searching Operation at Sayafa Area

At 04.00 this morning a searching operation was at Sayafa area, 5 houses have been searched and the IDF left the area at 05.00 am.

Palestinian Reporting

Media Info in Disengagement

IDF yesterday began digging eight-meter-deep trenches around the evacuated Gush Katif settlements in the Gaza Strip in a bid to prevent Palestinians from reaching the settlement bloc prior to its complete evacuation.

Troops will renew operations on Sunday as an activity was halted for the Israeli weekend (Sabbath).

Defense officials said IDF forces will remain in the strip for several weeks to complete the removal of outposts and the demolition of the settlements.

On Sunday, the cabinet will vote on the evacuation of four northern West Bank settlements, almost entirely abandoned, in the northern Gaza Strip Following the vote, the IDF will be able to move forward with the latter's demolition.

Also on Friday, demolition works commenced in the Gaza Strip settlement of Kerem Atzona as cranes hoisted caravans and demolished permanent houses. The IDF plan to continue the works next week.

Defense Ministy bulldozers will knock down the house walls, and demolition will be completed by Palestinian and Egyptian construction companies by the World Bank after Israel completes its withdrawal from the Strip.

After demolition works are completed, part of the rubble will be used for construction of Palestinian houses in the Gaza Strip. The remaining rubble is to be buried in the Sinai or in the strip.

Haaretz Reporting