Sunday, September 04, 2005

IDF DCL Relocation

The IDF have stated that the International Liaison Department of the Erez DCL will be relocating to new offices on Tue 06 Sep 05. Their land lines and email addresses will not be available this day. The land lines will be redirected to two mobiles to reduce the impact.

IDF Reporting.

Coastal Road

The coastal road re-opened at 12.00 pm. The movement is going Smoothly at this time.

Palestinian Reporting.

Kfar Darom

At 10.30 am IDF started desmantling one of the observation towers located to the south of the evacuated Kfar Darom settlement.

Palestinian Reporting.


Al Maani
Yesterday at 07.00 am Al Maani checkpoint was opened for departures and people were allowed to leave the area. It was opened again at 12.30 pm for arrivals. IDF has allowed people bring good and water in. 49 students living iside were not allowed out.

Abu Al Ajin
On Saturday IDF has opened the gates south and north of the Kissufim road allowed people living in the enclosed areas to leave at 07.00 am back at 12.30 pm. However, it was announced that it would remain closed this morning and students were not allowed out.

As Seafa
On Thursday IDF has allowed only four people to leave at 07.00 am and back at 12.00 pm to bring food for the community. On saturday 17 students were allowed out at 07.15 am but six of them were not allowed back as they are over 16 years old. On Sunday, IDF allowed 11 students to leave at 07.15 am.

Al Mawassi
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday Al Tuffah checkpoint was open from 09.00 am for 01.00 pm to allow agricultural products out.
On Saturday, IDF has opened Al Tuffah checkpoint from 09.00 am to 01.00 pm for depatrures mainly for students. however no entry was allowed.

Palestinian Reporting.

Coastal Road

The coastal road next to Al Zahra area is closed now by a group of policemen protesting against the PA concerning salaries and allowances. Gunfire is reported in the area.

Palestinian Reporting.

Talatini and Omar Al-Mukhtar junctions.

Taxi drivers have blocked the junctions at Talatini and Omar Al-Mukhtar streets as a result of fuel prices increase.

The UNRWA GFO-Talatinin junction is blocked by taxi drivers.

The police brought back up to open the UNRWA GFO-Talatini junction.

Palestinian Reporting.

Abu Houli junction

It was reported by the Palestinian DCO that Abu Houli junction will be closed at 0700hrs and will re-open between 1600 and 1700hrs.

Palestinian Reporting.

Zurub O.P.

At 2320hrs, the IDF Zurub O.P. fired a rocket and 2 flare light targeting the buffer zone on the border line opposite to Block J. No injuries were reported .

Palestinian Reporting.