Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Palestinian casualties

The IDF has opened fire at the group of people in the vicinity of the Neve Dekalim security fence with one fatality and three injuries reported.

Palestinian Reporting

Neve Dekalim security fence

Groups of youngsters are currently trying to pull down the exterior security fence surrounding Neve Dekalim settlement. The IDF has responded by firing in the air.

Palestinian Reporting.

IDF soldier lightly wounded

According to Haartez, an IDF soldier was lightly wounded in the last hour when a hand grenade was thrown by Palestinian militants over the metalic fence on the Sinai-Rafah border.

Israeli Reporting (Haaretz)

Abu Houli junction

At 4.30 pm today Abu Houli junction reopened, and then closed again at 5.35 pm.

Palestinian Reporting

Gaza terminals

Today, 170 Palestinian workers entered Israel and 47 factory owners into Erez industrial zone. In addition 85 merchants were allowed to enter Israel.

Patients and "humanitarian" cases are being allowed to cross into Israel with coordination from the Israeli DCL.

Rafah terminal remains open for passenger movement in and out of Gaza, although coordination is still required for Palestinian males aged 16 to 35 years.

Karni and Nahal Oz have been opened each day since Monday, 22 August when they closed to coincide with the evacuation of Netzarim.

Palestinian Reporting

Continuing protests

The junction between Omar el Mukhtar and the Saraya security building is currently blocked with burning tyres. The protest organised by Palestinian police is related to salaries and allowances.

Palestinian Reporting

Rafah passenger terminal

According to Haaretz, the Quartet's Envoy to the Disengagement, Mr James Wolfensohn is currently trying to reach a solution between the Israelis and the PA over the return passage of people and goods from Egypt into Gaza following the Israeli withdrawal.

The Israelis are insistent that people and goods enter Gaza via a proposed new terminal inside Israel at Kerem Shalom. The PA will concede the passage of goods, but not people who they insist should enter Gaza via Rafah under European supervision, if so required. Wolfensohn is proposing that Palestinians are allowed to use Rafah for a trial period of 2-3 months, albeit under the control of Israeli surveillance cameras.

Israeli Reporting

Abu Houli junction

Abu Houli Junction was reopened at 10.25 pm on Monday and closed again at 7 .00 this morning.
At 11.30 pm the IDF removed Abu Houli observation post on the southern side of the junction.
Palestinian Reporting

Rocket fire

At 12.05 pm, the IDF position at Zurub observation post fired a rocket towards the Buffer Zone. No injuries reported.
Palestinian Reporting

Oraiba observation post

Just before midnight the IDF started to dismantle the Oraiba observation post in Rafah during which exchanges of fire took place with Palestinian gunmen. No injuries are reported.
Palestinian Reporting