Thursday, September 15, 2005

Islamic Jihad member killed

The Islamic Jihad rally ended at 7 pm, during which shooting took place by gunmen resulting in the death of a 22 year Islamic Jihad member.
Palestinian Reporting

Rafah border

In order to try and reduce the continuing flow of people and goods moving across the Rafah-Sinai border, security forces have started to place rolls of barbed wire in the Philidelphi corridor.
Palestinian Reporting

Islamic Jihad demonstration

At 5.30 pm, Islamic Jihad will organize a demonstration in the former Netzarim settlement to celebrate the Israeli withdrawal.
Palestinian Reporting

Gaza-Rafah borderline

At 9.40 am, it was reported by Israeli media that Egyptian officials were requesting Palestinians currently on the Egyptian side of the border to move back into Gaza. In addition, PA police on the Philadelphia route reportedly fired in the air to prevent further people from crossing.

Israeli Reporting ( Haaretz)

Israel-Egypt border

Border Policemen and Israel Defense Forces trackers in the southern Negev region early Thursday morning arrested 20 Palestinians residents of the Gaza Strip attempting to infiltrate into Israel along the border with Egypt. The Palestinians, who were arrested in three different incidents, said they exited the Strip through the Philadelphi route which borders with Egypt, and where Palestinians have been able to cross unhindered in and out of Egypt since Israel completed its withdrawal from Gaza.

Isreali Reporting( Haaretz)

Rafah border

Palestinian gun men detonated another road side bomb at 3.45 this morning against the border fence in the Zorob area of Rafah, so creating a new opening for the movement of people across the border into Egypt.

People continue to move back and forwards between Sinai and Gaza.

Palestinian Reporting.