Saturday, September 17, 2005

IDF imposes closure on Gaza

At 2315hrs the IDF announced a complete closure on the Gaza Strip. All crossings are closed to Diplomats, internationals, Palestinians and all goods, until further notice.
No reason was given when asked and no date or time of opening was given.
Palestinian Reporting

Candle march

At 7.30 pm,The Arab association friendship with the Palestinian people organizing a candle lit march to the unknown soldier park. Omar El-Mkhtar street is now clear.

Palestinian Reporting.

Hamas parade

At 1530hrs, Hamas movement in Jabalia camp organised a vehicles march touring the camp. 40 to 50 cars participated including 4 to 5 cars of militants. They were celebrating the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.

Palestinian Reporting

Rafah Border

Palestinian National Security Forces are now controlling all movement across the border through one entry point. ID cards are being requested from those moving back and forward.

Palestinian Reporting.

Demonstration from Islamic University to PLC

At 12 pm a march began in Thalathini street and will move from the Islamic university towards the PLC building where about 500 students are waiting. It is believed that they are celebrating the Israeli pullout from Gaza.

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Four injuries on Rafah border

At 10.20 am, the National Security Forces (NSF) deployed along the border began shooting in order to prevent people from infiltrating across the border between Rafah and Sinai. A group of people started stoning the NSF. Four civilians were injuried resulting from the clashes, including one who was shot in his head.

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Shots heard on Rafah-Sinai border

At 8.45 am, it was reported that National Security Forces opened fire in the air. It is believed that they fired in order to deter people from crossing the border from Rafah to Sinai.

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Rafah-Sinai border

It is reported that that the PA security forces are deploying along the Gaza-Sinai border preventing the movement from Rafah to Sinai.

The PA are calling on the Palestinians who are still in Sinai to come back to Gaza. In addition the PA are checking the identification of anyone comes from Sinai to Rafah in order to prevent infiltration by Egyptians.

Reports are that the border is 80% under control and Hamas and other political parties are helping the PA security to control the border.

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